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Cyber Security Awareness Practical Training in Chitwan, Nepal

Sponsor –       Madan Subedi
            Current Address – Australia
          Originally – Gunjaganar, Chitwan
            Contact – 

Program Venue – Bhimnagar Higher Secondary School
        Bhimnagar, Chitwan, Nepal

Date – February 05, 07

Cyber Security Trainer – Pooja Gurung
    Phone number – 9821287348 / 9821287349

Basic Security Training includes:
- Securing personal and business computer
- Securing (change setting from default mode to secure mode) iPhone, 
  and Samsung mobile devices
- Parental control setting for your
  children and monitoring their online activities
- Securing personal social media (facebook) account with
  recovery features
- Securing email account
- Securing important files and folders on mobile and
computer devices
- Securing WiFi internet at home and at work
- How to be safe from cyberbullying, exploitation, extortion, 
scam, fake email, spoof email, phishing and other suicidal
internet cases. 
- How the internet can be visited safely and securely, background check on websites.
- Making computer, mobile devices virus free, risk free, and hackers free.