Ukrainian businesses, scientists and media were hijacked by malware virus using microphone to spy

Dozens of Ukrainian businesses were attacked with highly sophisticated malware, allowing hackers to exfiltrate sensitive data infected computer systems. Over 600 gigabytes of data from about 70 victim organization were already infected by advanced malware based operation.

Late last year, the country also suffered a power outage caused by the same group of hackers that targeted Ukraine's power grid with the BlackEnergy malware in late 2015, causing 225,000 residents to lose electricity.

CyberX researchers did not identify the clandestine hacking collective but said Operation BugDrop was believed to be the work of highly skilled, government-backed nation-state hackers with nearly limitless resources.

"Operation BugDrop is a well-organized operation that employs sophisticated malware and appears to be backed by an organization with substantial resources," reads the CyberX blog post published Wednesday.