Pakistan Cyber Crime Law and the Social Media

People are misusing social media in Pakistan to take the community into a wrong direction. Since Pakistan is a Muslim nation any harm of Muslim culture cannot be tolerated authority said. 

Government should reform social media act as quickly as possible to stop bad influence into Pakistan. Since the past few years’ social media including Facebook, twitter etc. has become the main source of people to get updated with what’s happening in surrounding nationally and internationally. Due to an easy approach to internet, people started relying on social media for latest news.

As public figures and main stream media houses has have their authentic / verified accounts so it’s a bit reliable source. On the other hand people use to express their healthy and critic views on social media regarding hot issues. Furthermore it has become the medium of several criminal activities.

National assembly has passed cyber law in Pakistan it and speaker NA moved it to senate, where it got passed unanimously with simple majority after several amendments. Terrorism, electronic fraud, forgery, hate speech, pornographic materials involving children, hacking etc will be punishable under the law. 

The aim of Cyber Crime bill 2016 is not to punish the innocent users of internet but criminal should be punished. Rights groups believe that the lack of scrutiny of the bill by individual stakeholders and the private sector prior to its being presented in the NA undermines the democratic process.