Cyber social medias make Phagu Purnima viral by exposing street festival activities online

March 12, 2017 - The festival called “Holi” in India and “Phagu Purnima” in Nepal is being celebrated. It is also called a festival of colors. Prouder of colors to put on the forehead of the face. People come out on the street put color each other and fully enjoy with this festival.

Phagu means the sacred red powder and Purnima or Pune is the full moon day, on which the festival ends. At some places in India like Bihar, Holi is also known as Phagwa as it is celebrated in the later part of the month of Phalgun and the early part of Chaitra in the Hindu calendar. This corresponds to the English months of March-April.

At this event as you can see the pictures of Nepali artists who are celebrating Phagu Purnima in Kathmandu. Nepali legendries singer Tika Bhandari, Komal Oli, actor Ramesh Upreti, actress Rekha Thapa and Karisma Manandhar, comedian Kiran KC, Shivahari Paudel, Sitaram Kattel have celebrated the festival.

The story is again about the mischievous nature of Lord Krishna who loved to play pranks with the milkmaids or gopis. Playful as he was, it is said that once he seduced all the local girls with his dashing good looks. He then danced with them all and when they were fully engrossed in him, then he thought they were ripe for a tease.