How easy to hack people while they are walking around in public places

Internet of Things (IoT) devices has internet access 24x7 from smartphones, printers, TV, coffee makers, thermostat etc. Hacker devices are also being connected to network with WiFi. The attackers can use your smart devices to gain backdoor entry to your network, giving them the capability to steal sensitive data, such as your personal information. Hacking technics can be manipulated so easy while people walking around in Public.

Street used a simple penetration testing device and an internet connection to pwn people around. Hackers carry out street hacking device automatically set up an 'Evil Twin Attack,' in which an attacker fools wireless users into connecting their smartphones and laptops to a hotspot by posing as a legitimate WiFi provider. Once connected, all of the victim's information flows directly into the attacker's device, allowing them secretly eavesdrop on the network traffic and steal your user id and passwords,  even redirect you to malware and phishing sites.

Here are some quick steps you can implement in order to prevent yourself
1. Turn off Wi-Fi devices when you are not using them.
2. Enabled functionality usually comes with increased security risks. Turn off the functions you aren't using.
3. Never to use the default credentials. Set up strong, secure passwords to secure your devices.
4. Before you even buy a product, always research what you're buying and make sure you know how to update any software associated with that device.
5. Be aware of any device from brands known to have more security issues than others. The personalization of corporate hardware, including mobile hotspot vendors, is one of the top threats to network security.
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