43rd CSI Training to Kalika English Boarding School, Jyotinagar, Chitwan

पश्चिम चितवनको दिब्यनगरमा रहेको कालिका बोर्डिङ्ग स्कुलमा ईन्टरनेट, कम्प्युटर, फेसबुक, फोनलाई कसरी सुरक्षित गर्ने र ईन्टरनेटबाट हुने अपराधिक घटनाहरुबाट कसरि बच्न सकिन्छ भन्ने बिषयमा साईबर सुरक्ष्या संम्बन्धी प्रयोगात्मक तालिम । कार्यक्रमको अन्त्यमा Cyber Security Awareness Basic Level को सर्टिफिकेट बितरण ।

Initially, Concept of Cyber Security Awareness in Nepal has been revealed by Dr. Ramhari Subedi, who lives in Washington DC; also, he is the founder president of www.dcnepal.com and the first appointed Cyber Security Advisor of Central Investigation Department of Nepal Police.
Now Dr. Subedi, the CEO of Cyber Security International, is launching cyber security awareness campaign nation-wide; firstly, from Kathmandu, Jhapa and Chitwan.
The program has been conducted at Kalika School’s auditorium hall located at the school compound located at Jyotinagar, Chitwan.
At the presence and participation of the Principal Ramu Sir (Mr. Ram Prasad Ghimire) and senior faculty members including Mr. Madhu Bilas Ghimire, Mr. Suraj Kumar Lama, Mr. Baburam Poudel and also Mr. Bishweshor Prasad Ghimire, awareness generating program and cyber security training have been given to most of the students of class 8, 9 and 10.
The program has been conducted by the Head Trainer and Regional Director for Chitwan and West Nepal Mr. Chiranjeevee Pokhrel. Porgram Coordinator Miss Pooja Gurung had fully assisted in the program.
At first, Regional Director Mr. Pokhrel smoothly handled the program focusing on the cyber security issues. He taught what should be done while buying a computer. Then, he technically taught the use of several types of users and password.
Then, He started presenting slides with some stories and trends of cybercrimes till date. Later, after showing about 70 slides including the issues in Facebook and Skype, he showed the contents for practical learning.
Mr. Pokhrel practically showed how to control children in the use of computer. Then he taught practically how to set up verification email or phone, how to set 2-step verification in Gmail. Then he taught the security issues in Facebook. Mr. Pokhrel practically prepared virus, antivirus and showed how they work.
Ultimately, Principal Mr. Ram Prasad Ghimire concluded the program with their level of understanding. The program continued for 2 hours, i.e. from 1:30 p.m. To 3:30 p.m. The participants including the Principal Mr. Ghimire have given pure positive feedback. The participants were honored with CSI’s Basic Certificate.

We would like to bounce special thanks to Managing Director and the Founder of Kalika English Boarding School Mr. Rishiram Ghimire. The program has been conducted in his special invitation.
The awareness campaign was sponsored by Mr. Prem Bhandari - Civil Engineer /CEO of AMA Engineering, Virginia USA and Mr. Anil Pandey - CEO of Motherland Nepal Organization, Honorary PRR of NTB, California, USA.
The participants in the program were:
Kabita Bhatta
Alisha Gurung
Aliza Gurung
Pramisha Nepali
Roshani Thapa Magar
Soniya Gurung
Bhumika Gharti Magar
Jayanti Gurung
Jenisha Gurung
Nalina Mahato
Samikshya Gurung
Manika Mahato
Sabina Mahato
Purnima Rana
Ayusha Kunwar
Tina Gurung
Hema Thapa
Sajina Dumre
Sangam Gurung
Prativa Thapa
Aayush gurung
Shiva Thapa magar
Sunil Adhikari
Bijay gautam
Parjawol Lamichhani
Pawan Neupane
Nishan Bhandari
Raj Paudel
Dillip Bhujel
Sagar Nepali
Ankush Magar
Abhisekh Gurung
Aadarsh Ghmirie
Sudeep Ghimire
Pranaya Ghimire
Aadesh Bhandari
Mahesh Thapa
Sujan kumal
Biswash Gurung
Aanish Adhikari
Sudharsan Mahato
Bimal Nepali
Roshan Bhandari
Sulav Regmi
Birat Poudel
Roman adhikari
Rajesh Dhungana
Sudip Chand
Anish Kafle
Manish Chettri
Ankit Regmi
Manish Mahato
Utasv Bhujel
Nischal Ghimire
Abhisekh mahato
Rabin Dhakal
Raj K.C.
Binayak Thapa Magar