35th Cyber Security International Program (1st level) at District Administration Office, Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal.

चितवनको जिल्ला प्रशासन (सिडियो) कार्यालयका कर्मचारीहरुलाई पनि साईबर सुरक्ष्या र अपराधको बारेमा Cyber Security International द्वारा जन-चेतनामुलक प्रशिक्षण दिंदै ।

Initially, Concept of Cyber Security Awareness in Nepal has been revealed by Dr. Ramhari Subedi, who lives in Washington DC; also, he is the first appointed Cyber Security Advisor of Central Investigation Department of Nepal Police.
Now Dr. Subedi, the CEO of Cyber Security International, is launching cyber security awareness campaign nation-wide. Firstly through Kathmandu, Jhapa and Chitwan.
Today, Mr. Chiranjeevee Pokhrel, Regional Trainer and Chitwan Branch Coordinator of Cyber Security International, conducted the Awareness Generating Program in District Administration Office with the assistance of Local Program Coordinator Pooja Gurung. He demonstrated 74 slides with the short descriptive speech on each.
They have given good feedback and have called for re-conducting the program on Wednesday as some of the ladies staff were absent due to Teej festival.
For Second Level Training, the officials have fixed the time by this week end. It took about 2 hours, i.e. from 1:30 to 3:30, to complete the program.
After the second program, the training participants were happy as they learnt some DOs and DON'Ts in the use of social media like Skype and Facebook; also they have learnt the security measures in stand-alone computer.
Trainer Mr. Chiranjeevee Pokhrel then shared contact numbers with the particiapants; and completed successfully completed the first level program with the assistance of Local Program Coordinator Pooja Gurung

The awareness campaign was sponsored by Mr. Prem Bhandari - Civil Engineer /CEO of AMA Engineering, Virginia USA and Mr. Anil Pandey - CEO of Motherland Nepal Organization, Honorary PRR of NTB, California, USA.
The program was conducted under the coordination of Mr. Chiranjeevee Pokharel, Former Computer Co-ordinator of 43 Schools in WPABSON, Chitwan.
The participants including the Senior Officials of DAO, Chitwan were:
Pandev Parajuli
Chanda Hari Gautam
Hari Parsad Sharma
Lal Parasad Sharma
Shova Aryal
Karib Gurung
Swaroop Gurung
Dilip Gurung
Barish Gurung