55th Cyber Security Awareness Program for Nepal Journalism Association Chitwan, Nepal.

Nirma Jamarkattel, Chitwan, Nepal, Janauary 28, 2017 - Cyber Security International at Nepal Patrakar Mahasang (fnj), Chitwan Branch.

The program has been sponsored by Krishna Prasad Regmi who is also the president of Chori  Pariyojana, Nepal. Recently, he is in Belgium. He is one of the kind hearted person who has always been there for supporting and helping the people of the nation. Mr. Regmi has lunched Chori Project education program in Nepal’s ruler area, Belgium citizens have been involved on the project. He has proved by contributing and supporting in various social works and helped financially in various fields and organization of Nepal . As he is always there for the betterment and upliftment of the nation.

Firstly, the concept of Cyber Security Awareness in Nepal has been conceptualized by Prof. Dr. Ramhari Subedi who lives in Washington DC and also he is the founder president of www.dcnepal.com and the first appointed Cyber Security Advisor of Central Department of Nepal Police. The organization has been launching its awareness campaign nationwide as well as it has been conducting the program internationally. The program has been conducted in Kathmandu, Jhapa, Chitwan and Tanahau. 

The CSI's awareness generating program; basic level training program has been conducted at Nepal Patrakar Mahasang, Chitwan and Chairman Mr. Hari Prasad Pokharel, Shanta Adhikari, Jounalist Agarta Newspaper and reporter at Avass Television were also presented in the program.

The program was handled by the Regional Director for Chitwan and Western Nepal, Trainer Nirma Jamarkatel, Paras Poudel and Program Coordinator Pooja Gurung with the both first and second phase presentation including the slide show about cyber crime, creating user account , gmail setting, facebook setting, find myphone, wifi setting, file locker etc. Ultimately, the trainees have given the positive feedback after the end of the program and they told they were benefitted and said that they were aware about all those securities and crimes.

Finally, the trainees were congratulated with CSI's basic certificate for recognition and the program ran altogether for 4 hours from 11:30pm to 4:00pm . The participants in the program are as follows:

1. Hari Prasad Pokharel
2. Surya Prakash Kandel
3. Nabaraj Mishra
4. Raju Thapa
5. Radheshyam Khatiwada
6. Dinesh Shrestha
7. Prakash Sigdel
8. Madhu Sudan Dawadi
9. Shanta Adhikari
10. Dipendra Badawal
11.Prawin Kumar Dutta
12. Sagar Bhandari
13. Hem Rokaha
14. Janak Aryal
15. Narayan Dhungana
16. Shishir Simkhada