52nd Cyber Security Training at Dibyanagar Higher Secondary School, Dibyanagar, Chitwan Sponsored by NRN Virginia Chapter President Mr. Mukti Dawadi

Chitwan, Nepal January 15, 2017 - Cyber Security Awareness  Program at Divyanagar Higher Secondary School has been sponsored by Mr. Mukti Dawadi, well-wisher of the school and the students. As he used to the student of the same school, he also always have strong positive feelings towards the school and he has proved it with several financial and social supports. Recently also, he had gathered a huge financial support for the school though he is busy in the US in some managerial job. Dawadi is abroad in the US, his kind heart is always there for the betterment of the school. This is not the first sponsorship to this school. He has opened his arms to support the school generously.

Initially, Concept of Cyber Security Awareness in Nepal has been revealed by Prof Dr. Ramhari Subedi, who lives in Washington DC; also, he is the founder president of www.dcnepal.com and the first appointed Cyber Security Advisor of Central Investigation Department of Nepal Police.

Now Dr. Subedi, the CEO of Cyber Security International, is launching cyber security awareness campaign nation-wide; firstly, from Kathmandu, Jhapa and Chitwan.

On Magh 2, the CSI’s awareness generating program cum basic level training program has been conducted at Dibyanagar Higher Secondary School, Dibyanagar, Chitwan. Principal Mr. Yam Prasad Sharma Sir and Vice Principal Mr. Mitra Bandhu Poudel Sir were also present in the program.

The program has been conducted by Head Trainer and Regional Director for Chitwan and Western Nepal Mr. Chiranjeevee Pokhrel.

At first, Regional Director Mr. Chiranjeevee Pokharel smoothly handled the program with both the first and second level including awareness generating about the cyber-crime and the security methods in computer, mobile, gmail, Facebook and Skype use. Also, he taught how to deal with spam and phishing e-mail messages.

Ultimately, the trainees were congratulated with CSI’s Basic Certificate for recognition. The program ran altogether for 4 hours, i.e. from 11:30 to 3:30.

The trainees have given positive feedback after the completion of the training.

The 54 participants in the program are:

Amisha Mahato
Manita khadka   
Sabita Sodari
Manisha Bista
Shirjana Mahato
Sajita Mahato
Suman Giri
Anjana Mahato
Ashwin Parajuli
Hiralal Acharya
Parmila Mahato
Ashish Mahato
Shruti Adhilari
Sujita Ghimire
Sophiya Dhakal
Samiksha Regmi
Sandhya Dhungana
Shrijana Poudel
Anjana Sapkota
Sushmita Adhikari
Samjhana Poudel
Abinash Mahato
Bhumeshor Mahato
Aneel Khadka
Rajendra Dhakal
Sujan K.C
Sagar Mahato
Ajaya Pariyar
Jyoti Neupane
Bindu Tamang
Januka Raut
Sarmila Tamang
Sangita Shrestha
Shova Kumal
Sabina Sunar
Salyani Mhato
Malina Mahato
Umesh Phuyal
Sachin Mhato
Pradeep Mahato
Prakash Bhandari
Sultar Guran
Saiman Chaudhary
Roshan Sharma
Laxmi Basyal
Samjhana Rijal
Aruna Rana
Amrita Dhungana
Anup Kaushal
Aman Gautam
Nabin Subedi
Suman Poudel
Arpan Poudel
K.P Dhakal